Are your relationships healthy? Are you the person staring back at you from the mirror? If not I can help you shape your own life and attact the relationships you want in your life. I believe that relationships give meaning to life. In order for our relationships to thrive and grow, we need to nurture and support them. At the basis of every successful relationship is good communication, both knowing what you need and what your partner needs or at least being open to finding out. Truly great relationships are based on both partners being genuine with each other, which means being prepared to tell the truth instead of just “being nice.”
As your relationship coach, I help you to know yourself so you can articulate your needs to your partner. I help you learn how to ask for the support you need within your relationship to make it more meaningful to you. Too often we don’t know how to ‘be’ in a relationship because we have few examples of healthy, supporting relationships and few of us were taught to use the language we need to get us there. If you need an objective, sensitive and intuitive coach, give me a try and let’s see what we can shift. You will get so much more out of relationships, yourself and out of life. Take action right now. Fill out my consultation form and we’ll set up a time to talk.

If your relationships are not reaching their potential and you feel there is more you could do then relationship coaching might be a good fit for you. To see if you are ready, have a look at my checklist:

    1. Relationships are important to you
    2. You have a commitment to success
    3. You are interested in results
    4. You are open minded and willing to learn
    5. You are willing to take support to grow
    6. You want fulfillment
    7. You are interested in exploring new possibilities for your relationships
    8. You want to live an authentic life
    9. You are ready to be proactive
    10. You are ready to challenge your limits
    11. You are ready to take responsibility
    12. You want to live a more balanced life


If you answered yes to most of the above, then you may be ready for relationship coach to help you find authentic, fulfilling relationships. I have helped hundreds of my clients lead more fulfilling and balanced lives. So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to make a commitment to shifting self-defeating patterns, I guarantee you will see immediate results. Contact me for Free Relationship Coaching Session. I see clients in Toronto in person and speak to clients around the world by phone. I have clients in SeattleLos Angeles, Boston, Buenos Aires, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Roanoke, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, Delft, Washington DC, Atlanta, Tampa and many more places. I’m just a phone call away.


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