“Thanks for posting the song. I definitely feel like I’ve come a very long way in the past two years-even within the last year-from feeling creatively blocked and depressed to feeling on fire again and waking up each day anxious to see what the day holds.” Eddie, Cincinnati, Ohio


My client Sam Krisch wrote
a very poignant story based on this photograph of the man with the red hat which he took in Buenos Aires. Have a look at the story on Sam’s blog: Just Tango On

Sam is now a sought after photographer, artist and teacher.

My work with Bradley has completely changed my creative outlook. I have remade myself from a blocked writer producing no work into a productive writer/photographer. I have blog readers in 10 countries and I am celebrating my first one-man photography exhibit. With your expert help, I have risen Phoenix-like from the ashes of writer’s block and pessimism towards a more artistic, satisfying and daring life. Sam Krisch, man of mystery, Roanoke, Virginia

Glen Cram is a Toronto-based artist and web designer who has widely applied his skills to a number of media like film, painting, drawing and flash animation. You can view his website at Cramberry.com

I found Bradley to be both knowledgeable and sympathetic, with the ability to analyze the situation and make positive (and doable) recommendations for change. Glen, Toronto