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Deep Coaching: A Guide To Self Directed Living Special Preview

Deep Coaching: A Guide to Self-Directed Living has just been released. A distillation of Kingsbridge Coaching co-founder's three decades of coaching and clinical experience, it picks up where the Law of Attraction ends.

Going beyond the inspirational promises of books such as The Secret, it shows how to actively transform desires into realities. Using venerable and cutting edge techniques, it coaches readers step-by-step to success.

A unique feature of the book is the creation of an inner-coach that can become a powerful resource in every aspect of your life. Readers who desire dynamic change in their lives will want to read Deep Coaching for the set of skills it teaches them. It is planned around exercises that help illustrate each new skill.

Bradley's Deep Coaching book is a reflection of the deep-thinking, kind and dedicated soul that is the essence of the author himself. Peppered with quotations and inspirational nuggets of wisdom, Bradley gently nudges us forward. Even when the hesitant self feels like turning back. A gentle tug here, a direction suggestion there, always reassuring, always there to catch and propel us forward. Bradley's coaching continually both guides and keeps us on the path, like a stray puppy being trained on a leash. There is no dollar value one can put on a great coach. Bradley is one of those mentors that you will have beside you for life. With his straightforward approach, Deep Coaching takes up where the Secret leaves off. With his insightful reminders and specific tips and strategies, this book is the key to helping one develop the strengths that are uniquely yours, and turning them into nuggets of gold that you can take along on life's journey. Both a guide, manual and workbook, Deep Coaching will hold your hand and help you create your life's greatest vision. Bradley makes a most wonderful contribution to the law of attraction, and tells it like no other. Trust him and you will reap the rewards!

Sally Shields, Bestseller and Free Publicity Specialist,

As a special limited time offer, you can download three chapters of the book absolutely free! Click here to download.

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