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I’m conveniently located in the west end at:

574 Willard Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 3S2

I’m close to the Jane or Runnymede subway stations, close to Baby Point, The Kingsway, Bloor West Village, The Junction, Royal York, Old Mill, Dundas West, Etobicoke and Eastern Mississauga.

Plus I also see clients in the Annex at Bloor and Bathurst at 565 Bloor St. West M5S 1Y6. Please contact me if you would like to meet there.

More about me…

Giant Steps Coaching is a Toronto-based peak performance coaching and counselling organization that aims to bring out the best in our clients and help them achieve goals they had until now only dreamed about. I do individual consultations in person, facilitate groups and conduct individual and group coaching on the phone anywhere in the world. I see clients in Toronto in person and speak to clients around the world by phone.  You can reach me by phone, email or complete the free coaching consultation form below. Talk to you soon!

E-mail: Bradley Foster (bfoster -at-

Telephone: 647-700-8555

If you are curious about coaching but not sure of the fit, how it works or whether it’s right for you, contact me for more information or book a free introductory session to get acquainted.

About Me

headshotI am a successful entrepreneur, business development executive, and business and communication consultant before training as a therapist and life coach. I have an MA from The University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts from the McGill University. I also attended The Ontario College of ArtColumbia University and I have a three year degree in Leadership and Psychotherapy from The Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I have coach training from the Gestalt Institute and the Coaches Training Institute. I bring a wealth of experience and aptitudes to the exciting and fulfilling work of coaching. The breadth of my experience and the training I’ve had ensures that you’ll get insight, clarity and direction from me. You can see more of my bio on my Linked In profile.

As a communication consultant, I help entrepreneurs and start-up companies raise capital and get established in their fields, I also worked with non-profits and government agencies. I help them clarify who they are and what their purpose is and helped them clearly communicate it. I have worked with a number of start-up ventures over the years.

I combine motivation with strong intuition to help you understand what is important personally and professionally for you.

I highly recommend Coach Bradley to any entrepreneur or executive who is feeling worn down by the “details” of piloting the ship (or multiple ships). Jon, Colorado

I’ve also worked as a writer, and communications consultant. I have published dozens of articles in North American newspapers, websites and magazines and for Reuters and Thomson Newspapers over the past twenty years. Many of my articles on coaching can be found here. I co-authored a book on self-coaching with psychologist and coach, Dr. Stephen Renfrey, gleaned from our experiences coaching clients. I am currently writing a book on strategies of reality.

I am an associate life coach at Feroce Coaching and a featured coach at My Life Coach in addition to co-founding Kingsbridge Coaching, which specializes in developing the art of authentic leadership for exceptional, self-directed executives. I also coach and mentor other coaches one on one and in group coaching tele-seminars. I’ve been facilitating The Toronto Men’s Group since 2006. I regularly post new, tips, articles, links and posts to my the Giant Steps Blog which you can find on the menu above.

Balance is important for me so in addition to coaching, I also write, volunteer and pursue yoga and several hobbies. I just published Deep Coaching: A Guide to Self Directed Living, which is available in eBook or printed versions through the link. I am also the author of Hitting The Mark: A Workbook for Setting and Achieving Successful Goals. If you are interested in either of these publications, please contact me.

I wrote a regular career column in Job Postings magazine called Ask The Coach and I am a regular contributor to Huffington Post Lifehack and BestThinking

Volunteer Activities:

I have an active life as a volunteer and used my skills to help others. I am currently volunteering as an executive coach for a member of the executive team at Save The Children, helping her to become a more effective member of this valuable organization. I have been a board member of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto for two years I have been president of the Three Arrows Camping Association for the past four years. While on the board of the Gestalt Institute I created an alumni association, now in its second year. I spend at least a morning a week at The Furniture Bank, repairing and restoring furniture that will be given to refugees and the homeless. Through the Centre Francophonementoring program I also mentored two newcomers to Canada, Hakima from Algeria and Parfait from Ivory Coast, helping them find their feet in a new land. I am currently volunteering at The Toronto Tool Library, repairing damaged tools.


Reading, listening to music, learning, collecting art, cooking, gardening, restoring furniture, writing, travel, yoga, psychology,adventure, history, technology, volunteering, being curious about the world and the people who live in it.

Thank you for being curious. I think curiosity is a wonderful strength because it opens me up to learning so much about the world. Curiosity is one of my top five strengths which I find extremely useful in life coaching. Isn’t it time you got curious about life coaching so how you can have more choices in your life? Start with a Free Consultation: