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If you are stuck in the process of reinventing yourself, I can be your agent of change, your stepping stone to a reinvented you. If you have exhausted every avenue and haven’t reached or identified your goals, I can help you find more satisfaction, more success and be happier with your life, career or relationships. To get started, you must take action. One way is to request a consultation with us. You will get an honest, objective assessment and actionable steps that will get you moving again. Conveniently located in mid-town Toronto.

I’m Bradley Foster, head coach at Giant Steps Coaching. As your Coach I help you reach your peak potential and get you moving toward a life that is satisfying and exciting. I help you re-examine your strategies and choices based on a deep understanding of your motivation, values and strengths. You will find a renewed sense of purpose, more confidence, more choices, a new view of the world and your place in it. Click here to request a free consultation.

Have a look at our new service offerings. I am facilitating two groups this year starting at the end of September: The Toronto Coaching Group is for men and women who would like coaching in a group format. The Toronto Men’s Group is for men who would like to find support from other men.

Hitting the Mark: A Workbook for Setting and Achieving Successful Goals

My new goal setting workbook is now available in ebook and paperback. Setting and keeping goals is one of the most empowering things you can do to earn the kind of life you want. Despite the fact that many people talk about having goals, few actually get much beyond wishing. This workbook is designed to clearly set out the steps to successful goal setting so you can not only know what you want, but so you can take the steps you need to take to keep them and reach them.

Each step is explained in detail with an example. There is space in this workbook for you to take notes in the lined spaces. If you need more space you can use the blank pages on the left side.

If you would like to order the ebook or paperback click here to order. Your order will ship after payment is received.

I am experienced in careerexecutiveliferelationship/communication coaching, helping clients with social anxiety and writing coaching. I come to coaching and leadership from a background as a consultant, an artist and as a trained therapist. I studied at the Gestalt Institute and did coach training with CTI. I have been coaching full time for over seven years.

My combination of career and life experience, training, education and my strengths give me an excellent foundation to be your coach. I use my skills and talent to help you make personal breakthroughs in awareness and choice. I help you realise that you have many more choices than you would have thought possible. If you make the choice to define and pursue your goals you will achieve them.

I am a successful serial entrepreneur, business development executive,
and business and communication consultant and trained as a therapist and life coach.
I have an MA from The University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts from the
McGill University. I also attended The Ontario College of Art, Columbia University and I have a three year degree in Leadership and Psychotherapy from The Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I have coach training from the Gestalt Institute and the
Coaches Training Institute. I bring a wealth of experience and creativity to
the exciting and fulfilling work of making your life the best it can be. The
breadth of my experience and the training I’ve had ensures that you’ll get insight,
creativity, clarity and direction
from me. Read more…

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